Hello, my name is Melanie Mai, I am currently an international student at Georgia Gwinnett College. This is my first blog post about No Impact Man Project. To me, this is an amazing project! I have never done this kind of work before. Also, for Current Global Issues class, I do not expect my Professor will come up with this unique idea. So let’s observe me within a no plastic bags week.

Normally, I consumed a lot of plastic bags in a week. One of my favorite thing to do sometimes is collecting unique plastic bags. For example, some small black and white Chanel lipstick bags, some lovely pink bags for Victoria Secret buyer, the X-mas Macy bags, the special edition of H&M bags, etc. Sounds pretty weird, I know. So, I consumed 47 plastic bags within a week. In details, there are 10 fashion and shopping bags, 20 supermarket bags, 15 Ziploc bags, and 2 trash bags. Now, this is an extreme number of plastic bag consuming by one person. However, I am hoping that going through this experience, I can reduce the amount of bags and try to stop using or collecting plastic bags in the future.

Also, I have this image to show you how many plastic bags are used in a minute, and how that impacts your life.


Indeed, the benefit of using reusable bags is heavy, and everybody should use reusable bags much more often. Using reusable bags is not only good for the environmental green space but also eliminate my plastic bags consuming. Now, I have to use reusable bags and cannot use any plastic bags even a small Ziploc until the end of this semester. It’s so hard! I will try!

Here is the picture of my plastic bags “collection.” Yay!




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